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Bill Johnson Votes NO on Joe Biden’s Build Back Broke Agenda

Today, Congressman Bill Johnson (R-Marietta) released the following statement after voting against H.R. 5376, the Socialist Tax and Spending Bill otherwise known as Joe Biden’s Build Back Broke spending bill.

“Just two weeks after passing a $1.2 trillion ‘infrastructure’ bill, Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues in the House approved trillions more in government spending that will fundamentally change America – and not for the better. This 2100-page, far-left socialist dream is filled with government subsidies for special interests, tax cuts for millionaires, mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, 80,000 new IRS agents who will spy on your bank account, and an assault on America’s fossil fuel energy sources – coal, oil, and natural gas. These are some of the many reasons why I voted NO on this dangerous legislation.

“Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s reckless government spending has spiked inflation to a 30-year high. Gas prices are surging. As we enter the winter season, it will cost American families 50 percent more to heat their homes – leaving many out in the cold. And, next week’s Thanksgiving dinner will be the most expensive on record. This massive spending bill includes trillions for new ‘cradle-to-grave’ government programs designed to make millions of Americans dependent on Washington bureaucrats for their childcare, education and nutrition.

“Americans – especially the low income and middle class – can’t afford Joe Biden’s big government policies. As this legislation is considered in the Senate, I urge Senators Manchin and Sinema, and other reasonable senators, to hold firm in their opposition to this destructive, socialist attack on the very fabric of hardworking Americans. President Biden might think of himself in the mold of FDR, but he is nothing more than a carbon copy of Jimmy Carter on steroids.”