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Rep. Bill Johnson: Biden's weak leadership will haunt America for decades

Every American – except maybe those directly employed in President Biden’s White House who are furiously scrambling to spin the withdrawal from Afghanistan as something other than a complete disaster – should be reflecting on how we arrived at this point.
Fox News
By Rep. Bill Johnson
Published September 10, 2021

Every American – except maybe those directly employed in President Biden’s White House who are furiously scrambling to spin the withdrawal from Afghanistan as something other than a complete disaster – should be reflecting on how we arrived at this point.   

We have a commander In chief with no life experience in leading or decision-making now making critical decisions for the most powerful nation in the world. 

Joe Biden never served in the military, never held a private sector job and never owned a business. He’s never been a problem-solver. He debates and spins problems for political advantage. And now, he’s created multiple major crises that will haunt America for decades. 

First, radical Islamic terrorist groups will grow stronger and more capable. The president proclaimed the war in Afghanistan "over." It’s not! The War on Terror has many fronts, and Afghanistan will quickly revert back to the lawless, ungovernable and geographically remote nation that facilitated the undetected planning and training of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.   

With no American eyes and ears on the ground, the toxic mix of Taliban, ISIS and al Qaeda fighters – all feathers of the same radical Islamic bird – along with financing from its enormous, illegal opium business, will soon put terrorist groups with global reach back in full operation there. President Biden’s "over-the-horizon" capability alone will not neutralize terrorist threats before they emerge on our shores.  

Second, America will have fewer friends in a world growing more complex and dangerous. The world saw President Biden feign a victory lap for the "biggest airlift in history" – otherwise known as the largest retreat and evacuation in American history. He boasts that 90% of Americans made it out of Afghanistan; that means 10% did not. Thus, our allies won’t trust us and will take actions to hedge against unpredictable American global leadership.   

On Wednesday, the State Department admitted that America left behind most of the Afghan SIVs – those brave Afghans who worked side by side with our military as translators and intelligence gatherers. We promised to protect them, then we abandoned them.

Many of them and their families will likely be killed by the Taliban. In fact, the Afghan interpreter who helped rescue then-Sen. Joe Biden in a snowstorm in the Afghanistan mountains 13 years ago, was left behind too. The Afghan sent a message to President Biden via the Wall Street Journal pleading with the President, "Save me and my family. Don’t forget me here."  

Third, American weakness, merely the perception of it, provokes our enemies. The wolves are watching.  China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and global jihadists now know we will leave Americans and allies behind in a war zone. They see a president who chooses not to secure America’s borders and one who is attempting to give away our energy independence. They see a man who pleads with OPEC to produce more oil while he works to stop coal, oil and natural gas production at home. 

Our adversaries see a frail, feeble, thin-skinned, lifelong politician who recently said at a press conference, "The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell from NBC." Instructed? By whom?

America is in a difficult position. Elitists – those in politics, corporate America, the media and social media, academia, and our bureaucracies who conspired to defeat Donald Trump – did this. They admitted to doing all this so they could get the Biden-Harris ticket elected, but they won’t own this. They won’t fix this. They never do. 

It will be the boots, not the suits, who will right America’s ship; and it will be the boots that awaken the "woke" to America’s new reality. We need all hands on deck.