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Bill Johnson Visits Southern Border

Ignoring the crisis at the southern border will not make it go away, Mr. President.

WASHINGTONBill Johnson (R-Marietta) released the following statement after visiting the Rio Grande sector of the southern border with Mexico. Johnson was joined by colleagues Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and Rep. Troy Balderson (R-OH):

Yesterday I witnessed firsthand the humanitarian, health, and national security crisis the Biden Administration has created on our southern border. By reversing President Trump’s immigration policies, such as cancelling the border wall construction and reinstating the ‘catch and release’ policy, our border patrol agents have been put in a nearly impossible position. Without the proper tools, funding, and support they need, their job is next to impossible. Sadly, that may be exactly what President Biden wants. The policy changes the Biden Administration implemented lack consequences for those entering the country illegally. Many agents made it abundantly clear to me and my colleagues that without consequences, migrants will continue to flood our border at an extremely high rate.

However, it’s not just more people coming across, as record amounts of deadly fentanyl are coming with them. The U.S.-Mexico crossing is a major entry point for this poison that is spilling into communities across Ohio and the country.

During our tour, we were able to see the U.S. Border Patrol Facility in Donna, TX, the Health and Human Services Delphi Site, a Temporary Outdoor Processing Site (TOPS), the physical border wall, and the Hidalgo and Pharr International Bridges. President Biden and Vice President Harris should have visited the border since taking office, but I understand why they haven’t. If they visit the border, the White House Press Corps would visit as well… and then no one will be able to deny the crisis that we are dealing with.

Ignoring the crisis at the southern border will not make it go away, Mr. President. Come see it for yourself...maybe that will compel you to act.