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Canfield middle schooler gives Congressman tour of War Vet Museum

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Canfield, June 6, 2016 | comments
On Monday, the middle school student who raised enough money to renovate the Canfield War Vet Museum met with Congressman Bill Johnson and gave him a tour of the building.
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Published June 6, 2016

On Monday, the middle school student who raised enough money to renovate the Canfield War Vet Museum met with Congressman Bill Johnson and gave him a tour of the building.

A 26-year military veteran himself, Johnson says places like the museum in Canfield are a necessary reminder of the sacrifice for freedom.

“It’s designed to show future generations the sacrifice that men and women have made. It’s always helpful to remind us that freedom is not free.”

Canfield sixth grader Scotty Crawford has raised over $34,000 to help the War Vet Museum. Some of the money was used to put new siding on the building and update the landscaping outside.

He sent letters to family and friends asking for donations, but says he isn’t done yet.

“We are looking at trying to replace the steps over there on the porch. We’re going to get a brick layer to fix them because they’re falling apart.”

Crawford got the idea after he took a tour of the museum with his third grade class three years ago. He mentioned to his mother that the house needed a coat of paint.

“It’s pretty amazing. I never thought we would get this good of a donation of this quality,” said tour guide Joe Conroy.

Doug Speece, whose father first purchased the house for $100 in 1988, is the museum curator.

Since it opened, the museum has taken in close to 45,000 items spanning from the Revolutionary War to the present day. Each item lining the walls and shelves of the 17 rooms in the museum holds a tiny bit of history.

“The way my dad wanted it, it’s a hands-on. Not everything is under glass, so the kids can come in and touch something,” Speece said.

The Canfield War Vet Museum is open Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission is free.

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