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Bill Johnson Statement on President Obama’s Executive Action on Firearms

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Washington, January 5, 2016 | Ben Keeler (330.337.6951) | comments
Congressman Bill Johnson (R-Marietta) issued the following statement following President Obama’s executive action on firearms:
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We are all saddened by the recent mass killings that have taken place.  As a 26-year Air Force veteran, concealed carry permit holder, lifetime NRA member, parent, and grandparent, I firmly believe that Americans should feel safe in their homes and communities – and they have a Constitutional right to protect themselves. I also believe upholding the Second Amendment and keeping the American people safe are not mutually exclusive.  Actions that target law-abiding citizens’ 2ND Amendment rights jeopardize our constitutional foundation and threaten to distract from the roots of the problem – and the roots are terrorists, criminals, and a broken mental health system.

We know the President wants more than he has outlined.  But, I will closely review the details of the President’s plan, and will continue to move forward, reaffirming my commitment to protect and defend the Constitution. 

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