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Lifting the voices of Ohio’s energy producers

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Families in Eastern Ohio and across the United States are experiencing record-high gas prices, and — as wars wage around the world — it is increasingly apparent that our energy supply chain is at risk. This is a direct result of the misguided and anti-American energy agenda being implemented by President Biden and his Administration.

June recognized as Men’s Health Month

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Salem News By: LeAnn Johnson Published on June 9, 2021 Research shows men are less likely than women to visit the doctor regularly, which means they may be missing vital preventive health screenings. June is Men’s Health Month, and as a member of the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program, I am highlighting this important information for the…

Cyber-Geddon: Could This Be the New American Front?

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Wheeling Intelligencer By: Bill Johnson Published on May 29, 2021 Gas lines backed up for miles. Anxious travelers stranded with no fuel. Tempers flaring at gas pumps and drivers trying to get a few drops of gasoline in their tanks. Commercial airline passengers being inconvenienced when airlines are forced to make non-routine refueling stops to get limited quantities of jet fuel.…

The last defense against a completely open border

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America no longer controls much of the southern border. Large swaths of the border are compromised by Mexican drug cartels enriching themselves through human trafficking and drug smuggling. Earlier this month, I traveled to the Rio Grande Valley sector of our southern border to see it for myself. It’s far worse than the liberal media report. It’s as bad as you think — and it’s getting even worse.

Student debt plan is unfair, irresponsible

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Ironton Tribune Published on March 20, 2021 By: Rep. Bill Johnson Many Democrats in Washington are calling on President Joe Biden to forgive student loans — as much as $50,000 per loan. The president himself wants $10,000 per loan. Like many policies the left is pushing these days, it sounds good. But, on closer inspection, it’s both fundamentally unfair and deeply…

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is being observed

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Salem News Published on September 15, 2020 One in nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, making it the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men in the U.S after skin cancer. As a member of the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program®, I want to share the following information as we observe Prostate Cancer Awareness…

Our history can safeguard our future

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Washington Examiner Published on July 13, 2020 “There shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the said territory.”   With that simple sentence in the Northwest Ordinance, adopted 233 years ago today, slavery was outlawed in a territory the size of the original 13 colonies. A year later, that territory would be settled permanently by the pioneers of the Ohio…

Rep. Bill Johnson: This July 4th, America faces a crossroad over the future of our country

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Fox News Published on July 3, 2020  During the last few weeks, we’ve witnessed a burst of violence, destruction and the brazen flaunting of the rule of law unprecedented in modern American history. The fabric of our society – of our country – seems to be fraying. As a farm boy born in the 50’s into poverty on a rural farm, I saw how ugly racism was up…