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Medicare is a sacred contract between the federal government and the American people who have paid into this critical safety-net program throughout their lives, and it must be strengthened and preserved.  I have supported solutions that guarantee that America’s current seniors – and those already in the retirement window - continue receiving their fully-funded Medicare benefits, with no changes. The Medicare Trust Fund belongs to you, the American people who have paid into it, and you have earned these benefits.

However, the Medicare Trustees estimate that the program will be bankrupt by 2026.  Why?  Primarily because people are living longer than expected when Medicare first began…and, that’s a good thing.  But, Americans are drawing on Medicare much longer than initially anticipated.  Secondly, there are fewer and fewer Americans paying into Medicare, as roughly 10,000 Americans retire each day and begin drawing their Medicare benefits.  So, the Medicare Trust Fund can’t keep up with the demand and the lack of revenue – and, we MUST do something.  I, along with my Republican colleagues, have consistently supported real solutions and reforms that guarantee the promise of Medicare for future generations, while ensuring that those currently on Medicare and within the retirement window continue receiving their fully funded benefits.

For America’s future generations we need real solutions that strengthen and preserve Medicare, by giving younger workers the opportunity to receive the same health care that every member of Congress receives.  They will have clear choices of Medicare certified options with premium support equal to or greater than current Medicare benefits, with the low income and high health risk Americans receiving more support than wealthy Americans.  These commonsense solutions preserve and strengthen this vital safety net program.

I will always fight to honor the commitments that were made to America’s seniors.