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Having grown up on a two-wheel, wagon-rut mule farm, I know firsthand how vital agriculture is to Ohio and our nation, which is why I am committed to strengthening and supporting the agriculture industry.  The federal government should be a partner in progress with America's farmers rather than a high tax and red tape obstacle.

This is done first by building strong relationships with our trading partners that put American farmers on a level playing field, while opening up vast world markets for America’s agricultural products - creating hundreds of thousands of jobs here at home. Agricultural exports to Mexico and Canada have quadrupled over the last two decades, accounting for nearly one third of agricultural exports. That is why I am proud to support the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA), which improves and updates the U.S. trading relationship with both nations, increasing our agricultural exports and helping farmers and ranchers nationwide.

I believe there is a role for the federal government in areas such as sustaining the farm safety net.  But, there are some market distorting farm programs that push the limit.  It is so important for these programs to work in tandem with the free market and move away from crop planting decisions influenced by the government. 

America’s family farmers and ranchers are crucial to feeding not only America, but the world.  I will always support them, and will always work hard to keep the federal government from standing in the way of their success.

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