U.S. CONGRESSMAN BILL JOHNSON Proudly Representing Eastern and Southeastern Ohio


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As we prepare America to compete in the economy of the future, rural broadband must be an integral component. It’s time we work together — at the federal, state, and local levels — to ensure: our children have the technology and tools they need at home to further their education; businesses have the high-speed internet connectivity they need to effectively compete, succeed, create jobs, and provide opportunities for the hardworking people that live here; patients have access to telemedicine; and, we all have the ability to take advantage of “being connected.”

High-speed connectivity is no longer a “pie in the sky” luxury – it is essential for everyday activities in today’s highly technical, information-driven, digital world, both at home and at work.

This session of Congress, I introduced H.R. 4810, the Making Available Plans to Promote Investment in Next Generation Networks without Overlapping Waste Act of 2018 (MAPPING NOW Act of 2018). An accurate map of broadband availability to accurately identify those areas of our country that are underserved or - in many cases - unserved is an important precursor to ensuring that scarce infrastructure funds are targeted to those rural areas most in need.           

As a member of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, I am leading the charge for a further rollout of broadband internet access in rural areas. Far too many rural communities have been left behind – we must bridge the urban-rural digital divide now.

I’ve held broadband internet access roundtables across Eastern and Southeastern Ohio focused specifically on this issue, and it’s an issue I’ve been talking about for some time. Many bureaucrats in Washington simply don’t understand the challenges we here in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio face. We will not be left behind anymore. There’s a wealth of intellectual capital here in rural Appalachia…and, America needs to start tapping into it.

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