U.S. CONGRESSMAN BILL JOHNSON Proudly Representing Eastern and Southeastern Ohio


Bill Johnson with his 6th Congressional District Service Academy Nomination Board on November 15, 2014 in Cambridge. The group interviewed young men and women interested in receiving an appointment to a United States Service Academy.

Press Releases
Johnson’s Natural Gas Export Legislation Clears the House
January 28, 2015
Representative Bill Johnson (R-Marietta) issued the following statement after the House passed his legislation, H.R. 351, the LNG Permitting Certainty and Transparency Act, by a bipartisan vote of 277-133. H.R. 351 expedites the approval process of liquefied natural gas (LNG) export permits that for too long have been mired in bureaucratic red-tape at the Department of Energy: “America is experiencing an energy renaissance because of the oil and natural gas development occurring across Eastern a... More
Opinion Pieces
No time to lose on LNG exports
January 28, 2015
The Hill By Rep. Bill Johnson Published January 28, 2015 The energy renaissance that has swept across America over the last few years has transformed the United States from an increasingly energy dependent nation – beholden to the whims of OPEC – to our current position as the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world. This transformation has provided us with a historic and unprecedented opportunity; not just to bolster our economy, but to also fully leverage our energy abundance on t... More
Opinion Pieces
In the Way of Progress
January 27, 2015 By Rep. Bill Johnson Published January 27, 2015 Thanks to the oil and natural gas development occurring beneath our feet across Eastern and Southeastern Ohio – and throughout the United States – America finds itself on the precipice of an energy renaissance. In fact, the United States is now the world’s largest producer of natural gas, and some experts estimate that Ohio may have more accessible natural gas reserves than all of Saudi Arabia. We’ve become so good at harnessing and produci... More
Opinion Pieces
Releasing the Promise of American Natural Gas
January 26, 2015
Roll Call By Rep. Bill Johnson and Rep. Mike Pompeo Published January 26, 2015 American natural gas represents one of the greatest and most unexpected success stories of the past century. Only a decade ago, experts feared America was running out of this critical energy resource, and we were growing increasingly reliant on foreign imports. But innovation and technology have turned upside down this once-pessimistic outlook, putting our nation in the driver’s seat. Thanks to the shale revolution, t... More
Legislators prepare case to save bases
January 24, 2015
Warren Tribune By Ron Selak, Jr. Published January 24, 2015 Anticipating a future round of U.S. military base closures or realignments, some members of Congress and military leaders from Ohio are not only circling the wagons around bases in the state - like the Youngstown Air Reserve State in Vienna - but want to expand the military's presence in Ohio. That was the consensus feeling among U.S. legislators and military officials in the state after a meeting in Columbus on Friday, held to give mil... More
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