U.S. CONGRESSMAN BILL JOHNSON Proudly Representing Eastern and Southeastern Ohio

Jobs & The Economy

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Our top priority must be fixing the economy and creating jobs. Our government is building a national debt at a rate that we can’t afford – we’re leaving our children and grandchildren with a bill for which they shouldn’t be responsible. The first step is to balance the budget. Then, we must grow the economy and hold spending in line in order to bring down the national debt.

Growing the economy requires dedication to traditional American economic values. We must remove barriers so that small business owners can do what they do best – create jobs. We must innovate, as is our heritage, and compete in the global economy. We must create wealth, not distribute it. And we must reduce taxes. Today’s Federal tax code penalizes the wealthy and incentivizes the poor to subsist on entitlement programs. Reducing taxes at all levels of income will stimulate the economy both from the top down (allowing more investment in business and job creation) and from the bottom up (giving people more purchasing power).

After a failed stimulus and a government takeover of healthcare, millions of hard working Americans are still unemployed. House Republicans have a plan to get hard working folks in eastern and southeastern Ohio and across the country working again: The House Republicans' Plan for America's Job Creators.

We've passed more than 35 jobs bills--but they sit dormant in the Democrat-controlled Senate. We are doing our part. It's time for the President to work with the Senate and get America back to work.

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